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Our Constitution

Our By-Laws

Membership Application Form

Registered Members

As per the institution’s constitution, to be registered as a Construction Project Manager by ICPMK, an applicant must:-

a) Have attained the age of 21 years

b) Have passed a prescribed examination or been admitted as a corporate member of an approved professional institution whose qualifications for such admission include equivalent of such prescribed examination

c) Have had a minimum of one year of professional experience in Kenya to the satisfaction of the ICPMK Council or has satisfied the Council that he/she has otherwise acquired an adequate knowledge of Kenya building contract procedures

d) Have paid the prescribed registration fee

e) Possess a degree from a university recognized or recognizable by the Commission for Higher Education of Kenya, in any of the following fields:-

• Architecture

• Civil or Structural Engineering

• Quantity Surveying/Building Economics

• Property Valuation/Land Economics

• Facilities Management

• Construction Management/Construction

• Project Management

• Building Technology

The corporate membership of the Institution of Construction Project Managers, in the categories of Fellow and Corporate Members, includes registered professionals in the construction industry consisting of Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Facilities Managers, Construction Managers, Civil Engineers, Electrical/Electronics Engineers and Mechanical Engineers. Honorary, Visiting, Graduate and Student Membership are available.

Membership entrance and subscription fees are as set out in the ICPMK By-Laws. Interested members are requested to complete registration form and forward to the ICPMK secretariat offices.

You can as well download the updated members list.